Stanno Pride Sweatshirt


Stanno Pride Sweatshirt 

  • 100% Polyester TTS
  • Round neck with soft collar made of fine rib material
  • Ventilating mesh material
  • Fitted cuffs made of elastic rib material
  • Elastic finish at the waist for an optimal fit

Club Badge

Add a high quality Embroidered or Vinyl outline badge to your sweatshirt selections. Finished badge size is approximately 100mm x 100mm.

Player/Coach Initials

Add either player/coach initials or squad number to your sweatshirt.

Additional Information:

Please indicate which numbers or initials are to be added to which jackets. For example: 5, 7, 8 – Junior L, 6,9 – Junior M would indicate that your Junior L shirts would have numbers 5, 7 and 8 and that your Junior M shirts would have numbers 6 and 9 respectively.

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File upload

Upload an image of your club badge. The file should be in JPG format. If you do not have an image ready we will contact you after placing your order.

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